District Directory

The management of the Association is decentralised through geographical districts which oversee and serve the Groups within its defined boundaries and are administered by a District Council. For reporting purposes Districts are grouped into six zones.

The primary contact for issues affecting volunteers or young people within a district is the District Commissioner while for all issues related to management of assets the primary contact is the District Chairperson.

Zone DistrictDistrict CommissionerDC EmailDistrict ChairpersonContact  District Service Centre
NWZ  Diego MartinAngela Celestine [email protected]     
Morvant/LaventilleJasmine Jacob [email protected]    
Port of SpainDamian Ng-Wai [email protected] Daren Lee Sing  
NCZChaguanasKennedy Charran [email protected]    
San JuanGarnett Rattan [email protected]   
St. Joseph/Tunapuna Terrence Garcia [email protected]    
Arima/AroucaMervyn Quash [email protected]    
NEZ Rio Claro/MayaroJunior Sooknanan [email protected]    
Sangre GrandeIan Mc Carthy [email protected]    
SCZ   CouvaGerard Skeete [email protected]  Clyde Joseph  PSL Building, Couva Main Road
Princes TownAngela Alexander [email protected]    
Pointe-a-PierreKerwyn Roach [email protected]   
San FernandoLynley Lutchmedial [email protected]  Anthony Dyer  Lady Hailes Avenue
SWZ   CedrosAnthony Von Ganness [email protected]    
NaparimaVincent Ramoutar [email protected]  Rajesh Sirjue  
Point FortinJoel George [email protected]    
Siparia/ErinHayden Franklyn [email protected]    
TGO LeewardPatrick Welch [email protected]    
WindwardSamuel Eastman [email protected]