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  • Increased Brand Awareness?
  • A more positive Brand Image?
  • Innovative ways of enriching the lives of young people?

We should definitely talk…

Your organisation could benefit from a direct marketing reach of up to six thousand members.
You could communicate constructively with of the nation’s 7-20 year olds and their families.
Your staff could learn key skills in a uniquely challenging environment.
Scout events and activities can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of PR and Brand awareness.


Did you know?

The Scout Association has 140 Scout Groups in the Trinidad and Tobago, with over 6,200 youth members and thousands of associated family members – and there are 300+ Adult Leaders and Volunteers. We are the largest co-educational youth and family movement in the country.

Scouting offers young people the opportunity to reach their potential whilst at the same time making a positive difference to society.

Scouts buy almost $7,000,000.00 worth of goods and services each year, ranging from camping and outdoor equipment to food supplies. We typically spend in excess of $1m on building projects annually and a further $750k on equipment maintenance.

Scouts and their families spend more than $5m annually on trips and outdoor activities, including tours, travel, events, etc.

You could be part of this market and the broader buying power of Scout members and their families.

Partnering with us will put your brand right at the heart of community and family life and drive traffic to your commercial space.


The Scout Association of Trinidad and Tobago (ScoutsTT) has shaped the lives of generations of citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, since 1912.

As a supporter and partner of Scouting you provide a vital portion of the financial support we need to teach Scouting principles that will result in a positive influence on character, citizenship, and personal fitness. The youth of today are our nation’s future leaders. You can help shape that future by investing in Scouting today.

Scouting exists because of the volunteer and financial support provided by the community. ScoutsTT is funded by a variety of sources, including direct contributions, events, annual fundraising, foundation grants, and programme/activity/camping fees. With your support, ScoutsTT can bring the nation’s highest quality Scouting programmes to many more youth in our communities, at a time when they are so sorely needed.

There has never been a better, nor more appropriate time to invest in the youth of Trinidad and Tobago. Scouting’s values and programmes focus on character building that not only create better citizens, but more productive ones.

Long declared as “the Proven Alternative” to crime and the many negative influences facing our youth, scouting has withstood the test of time. For over 100 years, Scouting has kept its commitment to families to give parents and children time together, to help children discover new skills and interest and to prepare every Scout for life.  We collaborate with many community organizations, including churches, school groups, service clubs, and community centers to reach at-risk youth.

Your investment in Scouting is an investment in CHARACTER BUILDING; it is an investment in TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO.

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Existing Partners:

Republic Bank
Scotia Bank
Massy Foundation
Brydens Trinidad & Tobago
TECU Credit Union
Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs