First National Obstacle Course Proves No Obstacle to Cub Scouts

They came from North and South and East and West
To put themselves to the Athletics test.
They ran, they jumped, they climbed, they crawled,
A wonderful time was had by one and all.

The First National Cubs Obstacle Course was held at Pax Vale II on March 9, 2019. Activities included a 25m flat race, skipping, rolling a tractor tyre, throwing a metal rod, crawling under nets army style and traversing an elevated rope walkway.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and Pax Vale echoed with shouts of laughter, grunts of exertion, and resounding cheers of Cubs excitedly encouraging their comrades. The Athletics Badge was awarded to Cubs who successfully completed the activities. Cubs in Silver Arrow were also able to have some items in the Bagheera Challenge signed off. Medals were awarded to all participants.

Even the Leaders did not escape the fun – they were roped into two teams to take part in the same activities as the Cubs. Kudos to Janet Elcock who out ran, out jumped and out crawled quite a few of her younger counterparts.

The Zumba style warm went down extremely well.  Due to the limited space at Pax Vale II only 187 Cubs could be accommodated and registration spaces were quickly taken. It is envisioned that next year’s event(s) will be bigger and better and will certainly take place in a much larger venue.

The success of the First National Cubs Obstacle Course convincingly demonstrates the need for more activities that may be difficult for Groups to carry out on their own. Congratulations to the organisers for another successful Cubs event. On to bigger and better in 2020!