NSC Address re: COVID-19

Dear Fellow Scouters and Young People,

What we are currently experiencing is a change to life as we know it. The global pandemic that is COVID-19 has challenged us in many ways; restricting our ability to move around to our schools and workplaces, forcing us to isolate ourselves and retreat into our homes, and indefinitely suspending our Scouting activities.

From the announcement of the first confirmed Coronavirus case in Trinidad and Tobago, we have been hard at work curating a way forward, while keeping an eye on new developments. These efforts saw the creation of our own Emergency Alert System, which started at code orange and then changed to red.

During this period of uncertainty, we must hold fast to the ideals of the Scout Law; specifically, brotherhood, making good use of our time and, most importantly, courage in all difficulties. Despite our physical isolation and surrender to a life which takes us back to a simpler time, ScoutsTT believes that remaining connected is one of the most important things that we can do for each other.

Connecting while exercising social distancing means that we must take this opportunity to utilise the technology of today in combination with the ideals of yesterday. It is our sincere hope that as we step forward into tomorrow, we can focus less on our isolation and more on our Scout Promise. Let us always remember that we are committed to doing our best to ensure that we are prepared to weather the storm of uncertainty that swirls around us.

We urge you to continue to remain a beacon of hope in your household and your community, as we respect the efforts of those who are leading the fight for our safety by following the laws that you have sworn to keep.

Happy Camping,