Volunteer Recognition Weekend

All our Very Incredible Volunteers – Leaders, Parent Committee members, Partners- in or attached to the Scout Movement can be recognised during the weekend of 22nd to 24th April 2022.

Volunteers are an invaluable part of any movement. Showing appreciation for our volunteers is a vital component of volunteer retention. When your volunteers feel that their efforts have been recognized, they are more likely to feel connected to the cause and continue to give back. Make a habit out of thanking your volunteers for what they do in your Groups and Districts and by extension, the Movement, so they know you see every small action they take for the Organization benefit.

Continuing to engage with and recognize volunteers while we can’t meet in person is essential to keeping our ScoutsTT running virtually and, maintaining our volunteer base when quarantine is over. Volunteers have remained involved during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we need to acknowledge them.

The undermentioned is proposed, though not limited to, as methods to demonstrate appreciation to our Adult Volunteers:

Celebrate With Their Entire Family

When volunteers give time to our Movement, they are often cutting into the time that would normally be spent with their families. For this reason, it is important to invite families to celebrations so they can also see how much you appreciate your volunteers and recognise the importance of their family member’s contributions to your efforts.

Have a picnic and invite your Volunteers and their family. Choose a menu and have it Dutch style or cater. Have family games, quizzes planned to have the event enjoyable and memorable. All Covid protocols to be observed.

Host a Car Wash

Hosting a car wash is a fun way to brighten up your volunteer day! Ask your Cubs, Scouts and Ventures to come out and wash the cars of their Group Volunteers. After all, they benefit from the Adults Volunteering to the group. All Covid and WASA protocols to be observed.

Gift a Potted Plant

Send volunteers home with a cute succulent, flower, vegetable, or other plants to say thank you! Volunteers will get to watch their gift grow and will be reminded of our ScoutsTT as they take care of it.

Discount Vouchers for Movies, Desserts, etc.

Partner with patisseries, bakeries  for vouchers and say thank you to your volunteers with discount vouchers.

Bake a Cake

Bake  a cake for volunteers and write a special message on top. They will surely appreciate.

• Cookie-Grams

Bake cookies for your volunteers, and then sending them out with special notes attached. You can even put their names on the cookies with icing.

Create Stories on Instagram and Facebook

… about your Volunteers and the Impact they make.

Use the “Stories” feature on Instagram and Facebook to get creative about the impact that volunteers make on your organisation. You can showcase volunteers or have some “behind the scenes” action to show everyone how the magic happens. Prepare a short biography of your favourite volunteer with photos that can be shared on social media throughout the year. Make sure to tag ScoutsTT in your posts (@ttscouts) and include #ScoutsTT #thanksforyourservice.

Write A Song Thanking Your Volunteers

Does your team have any musicians? Try composing a song with fun lyrics to recognise your volunteers. Have fun with it and be silly – just be genuine when it comes to your thank you. You can even film the song and send the video out to all your volunteers, so they can watch it whenever they want.

Virtual Hugs and Applause

It’s hard to get in front of every volunteer – but you might be able to do it with technology. Film your team hugging a camera or clapping and send virtual hugs and applause to all your volunteers. It may feel silly, but it’s these small bits of effort that surprise volunteers and make them feel special.

• Use Puns

Puns can be cringe-inducing at times. But, if you have the right audience and the right tone, it can hit the ball out of the park! Things like “We donut know what we would do without you” or “We love you a latte” could be fun places to start your brainstorm for special gifts.