ANNOUNCING – Basic Group Packages for CAMP 110

CLICK HERE to Apply Now for CAMP 110 – Basic Group Packages

Applications Close – July 17

Have plans to camp with your group but still want to be a part or CAMP 110?

CAMP 110 is a celebration of our return to in-person activities and you can join in the experience as long as your group is camping during the July-August period. Simply ask your group to register for our Basic Group Package and complete the list of requirements to earn the CAMP 110 badge.

What are the badge requirements?

  • Spend at least 2 nights on camp with your group
  • Sleep outdoors for at least one of the nights
  • Prepare a meal on camp with at least one member of your patrol or six
  • Participate in a Campfire
  • Attend a Scouts-Own event during your camp
  • Take part in a service project as part of your camp
  • Perform at least one traditional scouting skill while on camp (ropework, fire-lighting, pioneering, orienteering, etc)
  • Take part in an outdoor expedition with the members of your group
  • View the closing ceremony of CAMP 110 (in-person, via live stream or recorded)

Groups are welcome to camp at Pax Vale from July 27 to 29 (space permitting) as part of this package but will be responsible for their own meals and equipment. They will be granted access to all onsite activities.

How much will this cost?

This package will provide you with the CAMP 110 badge to wear on your uniform at a cost of $40 per participant.

Register your groups now to be a part of this experience.