New Leaders Certification

Are you interested in working with young people?

Do you enjoy being outdoors?

Are you well organised and want to volunteer your time to make a difference?

Take the first step towards working with us as we empower youth to be positive agents for change in our society.


What is the New Leaders Certification Programme?

This programme is designed to provide the new leader/scouter with the fundamental skills and knowledge required to participate in the scout programme.

It encompasses a wide range of basic practical skills training, information sharing on the foundational elements of the movement (i.e. its aims, objectives, etc.) and the basic rules of engagement.

The New Leader Certification programme

  • Provides an increased awareness of all aspects of the Scouting program.
  • Develops an understanding that Scouting fosters the same values and aims for youth at all levels.
  • Uses proven methods to deliver the values and aims of Scouting in an age-appropriate program.
  • Affords leaders an easy and convenient transition as they advance from one program to another.
  • Removes perceived and artificial barriers among Scouting volunteers.
  • Provides the basic tools and skills required for effective leadership at scouting activities.


  • eLearnings
    • NLC 05 Youth Protection (WOSM eLearning and Certification to be included)
    • NLC 07 Scouting Essentials
  • In-person Session 1 – April 5-7 – National Camp Ground, Pax Vale
    • NLC 08 Basic Outdoor Skills
    • NLC 06 Leave no Trace
    • Understanding Risk Assessments
  • In-person Session 2 – April 20-21 – Tentative, Venue to be determined
    • NLC 01 Understanding your Role
    • NLC 02 Coaching and Mentoring Youth
    • NLC 03 Shared Learning: Running the group
    • NLC 04 Leadership Skills
    • NLC 10 Troop Activity Planning
  • External Facilitator – NLC 09 Basic First Aid
  • Wrap-up Session – June – Venue to be determined
    • NLC 03 Shared Learning: Running the group
    • Introduction to the PO&R


  • NLC 08 Basic Outdoor Skills – $250 (not included in package pricing)
  • NLC 09 Basic First Aid – Cost will be determined by external provider (not included in package pricing)
  • All other modules – $50 each ($300 discount pricing available for the full package)
  • Persons who have previously paid for training may proceed to register if proof of payment can be produced.


Step 1 – Apply to complete the NLC programme by clicking HERE

Step 2 – A training advisor will contact you to guide you on your training journey and becoming warranted

Step 3 – You will be directed to make the relevant payments and complete registration

Step 4 – Complete the required modules

Step 5 – You will be assisted in completing your warrant application

Step 6 – Begin to work with a group in a probationary role