Mother’s & Children’s Outdoor Challenge

Mother and Children Outdoor Activities

Mothers support us in so many ways every day and for many of us, they make scouting possible. In order to commemorate this contribution, we have developed a few activities that share some of our scouting experience. From this list of activities, you can choose as many activities as you would like to do. The only requirement is that Mummy must be the centre of all the activities. You can take pictures and videos or your activities and post them on social media with the following hashtags #ScoutsTT #ThankyouMom #IhaveaScoutMom

District or Group Activities

Here are some ideas for you to try with your groups or even at the district level.


Choose songs that are used in Scouting to make up songs about your mom, sing as a group or individually.

Old Time Game:

Have mom show the boys and girls games from long time and then have them show mom a game from their time.

Chardases or Pictionary Game:

Divide into sixes or troops and act or draw out different ways that mom behaves.

Know Your Mom:

See who know their mom the best. Each mother and her kid or kids form a team. The moms then leave the room while someone asks each group of kids to answer questions about their mothers.

Aerobics – Burn Out

Organise some music and a fun instructor and get the heart rates up together.


Spend some time on inward focus as you work on developing mental and physical balance and flexibility.


Scavenger Hunt

What you need – Fun things around your home. It can be treats, handwritten notes or drawings.

Create a Scavenger Hunt for your Mom by hiding items around your home and yard. Create a list of clues for Mom that she can use to search for your hidden treasures. You can help her out by letter her know if she is getting warmer or colder if she is getting closer or further from an item.

Puppet Show

What you need – Paper bag, Construction Paper, Scissors, Ruler, Pencil, Glue stick

Make a puppet out of paper bags, toilet rolls or any materials you have available at home. Put on a show to entertain your mummy and you can even show her how to use the puppet. This can be done outside in your yard or gallery. You can check the video below for some ideas.

Kite Flying

What you need:

  • Bristol Board/Plastic
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Thread/Strings
  • Glue

Make a kite with mummy and other members of your family Cheeky Chong and then have a competition to see whose kite flies the highest. You can check out the video below for ideas.


Five Knots

What you need – Pieces of rope, string or chord about 2ft long

For this activity everyone must have their own piece of rope. You have to teach mummy how to tie five knots. Then have a competition doing all five knots on one rope, see who can do it the fastest.


What you need – Paper, coloured pencils or paint or charcoal

Have mummy sit outside and pose, while you paint or draw a picture of her using paint, coloured pencils or charcoal

Advanced Scavenger Hunt

What you need – Fun things around your home. It can be treats, handwritten notes or drawings.

Hide items outside of your home, in your yard or a park. Take some time to hide items in the outdoor space that you have chosen. Create a trail using tracking signals to mark the path that your mom has to follow. Once that is done, take a few minutes to teach the tracking signals that you have used to your mother. Once she has learnt them all (you can give her a sheet with the signals drawn out so that she can refer to it in case she forgets), guide her to the start of the trail that you have made and let her follow the signals to the hidden items. For an idea of some tracking signs that you can use, click here.


Lyric Switching

What you need – Phone or radio

Pick some of your favourite songs and change the lyrics so that they are about your mother. Once you have practiced, perform your new arrangement, making sure to dedicate it to your mummy. This can be done in your yard, garden or park.

Be a Film Maker

What you need – Phone or video recorder

Shoot a short film or video with your mother outdoors describing her and saying what she has done for you that you are most grateful for. You can upload it to social media as a tribute to your mom.

Outdoor Camping

What you need –  Tent, Flashlight or lantern (If you don’t have a tent, you can try to create a temporary shelter with a sheet or tarpaulin)

Set up a tent in your back yard and camp overnight. You can have your own mini campfire singing songs or use a flash light to tell scary stories. This is a family event so everyone can take part especially mom.

Cooking Outdoors

What you need: a barbecue pit or 2 concrete blocks with a grill

Work with members of your family to prepare an outdoor meal. If you are adventurous, you can even try a backwoodsman item. Once the cooking is complete, you can have a backyard picnic or set up on your porch or balcony. Make sure that you are the one serving mummy and that you do the dishes afterwards.