CAMP 110 – Celebrating 110 Years of Scouting in Trinidad and Tobago

UPDATE: We have shortened CAMP 110 to offer you a more impactful experience.

New Dates July 27-29

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Applications Close – July 17

As we enter the endemic phase of COVID-19, we find ourselves in a world that has accepted the importance of technology while also yearning for in-person interaction and real-world experience.

It is with this backdrop that ScoutsTT presents Camp 110 – Celebrating 110 years of Scouting in Trinidad and Tobago.

Let’s return to the outdoors and adventure once again.

What is CAMP 110?

This camp will build on the success of Imaginarium, our first ever virtual jamboree experience, which allowed participants to customise their camping experience by giving participants the freedom to design their camping experience.

This camp recognises that COVID-19 continues to impact our lives as we try to return to the outdoors and adventure. We will therefore offer the flexibility to take part as either a residential or non-residential camper.

Both sets of campers will experience the activities that will be on offer for the camp with the flexibility to pursue their interests and design their camp experience with their groups.

Registered groups may also host physical camps at their base of operations for parts of the week, thus, providing another option for an authentic camping experience.

ScoutsTT will continue to develop the partnerships that have been developed over the past year to enrich the camp experience, providing a robust and memorable event for our participants.

Where will this camp be held?

Our main campsite will be at our national camping grounds at Pax Vale in Santa Cruz. This will be the site of most our activities and where our residential campers will be camping.

An additional activity centre will be located in San Fernando to facilitate non-residential campers.

What is a residential camper?

A residential camper is a participant that will be spending at least one night on the campsite. Full residential campers will be required to spend the full duration on the campsite. Only persons with previous tent-camping experience will be considered for full residential camping.

Flexible residential camping will allow participants to spend up to three nights on the campsite. This option will be open to scouts and ventures with limited camping experience.

What is a non-residential camper?

A non-residential camper will not spend any nights on the campsite, but will be allowed access to the activity centres (either Pax Vale or San Fernando) during fixed hours throughout the week of the camp. Non-residential campers may be young persons aged 7-26.

How much does this camp cost?

There are different packages for participation available:

Full Residential Camp Package

  • Fee – $600 Now just $400
  • Includes
    • Camp T-shirt and Badge
    • Access to activities on site for 5 days
    • Rations for the full duration of the camp
    • Troop Equipment

Flexible Residential Camp Package

  • Fee – $200 + $150 per night on campsite
  • Includes
    • Camp T-shirt and Badge
    • Access to activities on site for up to 3 days
    • Rations for each day spent on the campsite
    • Troop Equipment

Non-Residential Camp Package

  • Fee – $200
  • Includes
    • Camp T-shirt and Badge
    • Access to activity sites for 2 days
    • Online stream of live activities

Announcing our New Basic Group Package

How do I apply to be a participant?

To apply to be a participant, please CLICK HERE

How do I know if I have been selected to be a participant and make my payments?

Once you have applied, your application will be reviewed and your camp status will be confirmed (residential, non-residential or flexible-residential). At that point, we will share instructions on how payments are to be made with you.