National Youth Conference 2022

Youth Voices

ScoutsTT National Youth Conference is where you can have your say.

Do you want to learn about what we can do for you? Come with your ideas, your opinions, and let your Youth Network work for you. What do you think of the Activities we have had for the year? What would you like to see?

Do you want to have more say in what the Youth Network does? Apply to be the Head of or a Part of the 4 Committees:

  1. Youth Programme and Innovation
  2. Youth Leadership Excellence
  3. Youth Advocacy
  4. Youth Operations and Communication

Come with your pitch on why you would be great for the Position on the 16th of July and be a part of something greater.

Email your Pitch to the National Youth Commissioner ([email protected]) beforehand so that it can be screened.

To Register:

Click HERE